Comes from lasting leadership!
Agrippa it is all about workmanship due to dedicated leadership!

We are manufactures working with metals (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.), wood or plywood, plastics of any kind, cardboard or paper.

Our team is mainly made of passionate smiths, mechanics, carpenters, modellers, installers, electricians, painters, artisans or artists of many kinds.

We are capable to model, cut, weld, build up, install, coat, paint or stick together on any a surfaces or conditions you may imagine, the most appropriate materials for getting the best visual impact.

Our workmanship has been hardened by the variety or projects we have been working at, by the size and the numbers of products we have been producing, starting even from our early days in this industry.

Furthermore, we are not only crafted producers, we are also very experienced transporters, movers or removers, installers or dismantlers and finally, reliable cleaners.

By using all this skills and capabilities for a such a long time, we have developed not only a “reverse engineering” kind of creative thinking, but also an awareness that enhance us strengthen your branding.

Let’s see how we can actually are able to reinforce your branding endeavor!