Endless list, no boundaries!

Basically, any entity in need of brand exposure memorability, can definitely rely on Agrippa’s creativity and productivity!

Below you will find the list of the most representative type of clients that have been continuously using our services (in alphabetical order):

– Advertising Agencies, Architecture Studios, Automotive Industry, Banking & Financial Institutions, Construction Companies, Creative Boutiques, Cultural Events Organizers, Cultural Institutions, Educational Institutions, Energetic Entertainment Companies, Events Organizers, Exhibitors, FMCG Corporations, Health & Care Institutions & Producers, HORECA Key Players, Industrial Producers and Service Providers, Insurance Companies, IT Corporations, IT Services Firms, Logistics Companies, Marketing Agencies, Oil Exploitation Companies, Pharma Chains, Real Estate Developers, Retail Chains, Software Developers, State Authorities, Shopping Malls, Show Biz Agents, Sport Events Organizers, Sport & Leisure Companies, Tourism Agencies, Telecom Corporations, Heavy Duty Transporters, to name just the most representative ones.


To find out more about our beneficiaries, let’s have a look in the CLIENTS OUTLOOK:


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