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It’s all about MAINTENANCE!

Some campaigns ends rapidly, some last weeks or even months. When this happen, a certain amount of realism and lucidity is needed in order to expose the brands identity accordingly!

Depending of the nature and complexity of the marketing constructs installed in different locations, obviously, maintenance is needed in a variety of forms and it can include, without being limited to, the following services:

  • checking the strength, look or the functionality of the marketing materials (sometimes all together, especially if they are illuminated or require power supply of any kind – solar cells, batteries, or 230V);
  • additional painting/retouching caused either by the outdoor weather conditions or indoor inherent damages caused by improper handling, cleaning, etc.;
  • structural corrections caused by damages provoked by accidents of any kinds, along with the normal supply maintenance.

Apparently, maintenance could be seen as a very simple service, overlooking critical aspects that may be hidden for the less experienced eye.

This is not our case: we do take care of the details that are making the difference, in the marketing production performance!


But, what about “HOW” did we get to wear our hat?


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