Fill the gaps remarkably!
Responsibility is another “axiomatic” core ingredient of our team!

We cannot let you down immediately after production, to bear the burden of what logistics is all about.

For us, a project is completely done when it is ready to be seen or used by those it is addressed to.

Thus, we have developed and vertically integrated all the services needed to enhance the value of our production capabilities, in order to completely fulfill the needs of our clients.

This vertical includes transportation, installation, dismantling, removing and cleaning and is offered to our clients as a complete range of services called “FULL-PACK DELIVERY”.



We carefully pack and transport the products to the client’s destination, no matter:

  • the complexity of the packing (a single pack or a lot of parcels);
  • weather conditions;
  • place of delivery:
  • time of delivery;
  • official holidays.


This is one of the most critical stage of a project delivery, as it incurs  many risks and provocations, no matter how well trained, experienced and skilled you could be.

However, our teams are very experienced and we are capable to do it flawlessly.



After the campaign ends, comes the most unpleasant phase of the project: to clear the spot and to leave it as it was before campaign.

This phase actually includes these 3 distinct operations, that sometimes could be far more difficult to do than installation itself and require a lot of craftsmanship, care and attention!

Anyway, you’ve got yourself covered in what dismantling, removing and cleaning are all about: you can count on us that we will do this job for you successfully, too!


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