Is going to deliver art!
Besides speed, it is all about faultless workmanship!

No matter it is about metal, plastic, wood, glass, leather, fabric, paper or all brand new high-tech materials.

We love to work either with our bare hands, or using classical tools / brand new tools or our state of the art production equipment.

No matter it is indoor or outdoor, weather conditions, places or highs of the installment, or getting ourselves dirty or wearing gloves.

We do enjoy getting out the most from each and every single job apart, by getting the most from our tools and pushing our skills until the result is art!

But the biggest excitement comes from learning new skills, from testing our individual and team capabilities, using either old and new tools in the most changelings situations.

This is the reason for which what comes out from our yard, is in the most of the cases, very close to pure art!

Let’s see what do we mean by “art”!

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